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Optimizing Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Ring Doorbell Placement

Updated | Sep, 2023
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Every 30 seconds, a burglary occurs in the United States. It’s a sobering statistic, one that highlights the importance of securing our homes. With the advent of innovative technologies, gadgets like the Ring doorbell have emerged as convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and vital components in enhancing home security. So, how do we ensure we’re placing this nifty device in the perfect spot? Let’s explore your options and find the ideal balance between security and style!

Best Location For Your Ring Doorbell

When deciding on the ideal location for your Ring doorbell, you’re faced with a decision that blends practicality and preference, much like choosing between a decadent chocolate cake and a tangy lemon tart. Both options—mounting it directly on the front door or opting for a strategic side placement—have their unique pros and cons. Homeowners must carefully consider these based on their security requirements, home layout, and personal preferences.

A direct placement on your front door is often the go-to choice due to its immediate identification benefits. With the camera positioned right at eye level, it offers direct face recognition, ensuring you always know who’s knocking. Additionally, Ring doorbells come with sleek designs that can add a modern touch to your entrance.

However, direct door placement may limit the doorbell’s peripheral vision. The limited field of view means that if someone were to approach from the side, their activities might be out of view until they’re right at your door.

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Side Placement: Gaining Traction

A side placement strategy involves mounting the Ring doorbell to the side of your house or adjacent wall. This placement option is gaining traction due to its advantages:

  • Expanded Field of Vision: Provides a broader panorama of your porch or driveway and allows you to observe not just the visitors but also other activities within the vicinity.
  • Subtlety & Stealth: For those who prefer their security to be more covert, a side placement offers the advantage of catching potential intruders off guard, thinking they’re unseen. However, some might perceive this subtlety as a drawback, as the doorbell becomes less of a visible deterrent.

Keep in mind that while you gain a broader perspective, you might compromise on capturing intricate facial details that a front-door placement would nail down. Someone wearing a cap or hood, for instance, might be harder to identify from the side.

Weighing Your Options: Trial and Error

Finding the perfect spot between these two popular choices often involves a bit of trial and error. Use your Ring doorbell’s live view feature to test various angles and positions before committing to a location. Remember, informed choices can make all the difference when it comes to home security, and aligning your choice with your individual needs and preferences is key to maximizing both security and aesthetics.

Other Placement Options: Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to Ring doorbell placement, creativity knows no bounds. While the front door and side placements are traditional choices, many homeowners are experimenting with alternative locations to suit their unique needs and landscape.

High on a Pillar or Post: An Eagle’s Eye View

Elevating your Ring doorbell on a pillar or post provides an eagle’s eye perspective over your property, offering a comprehensive overview of all activities within its range. This panoramic viewpoint can significantly enhance your property’s security by capturing a wider field of view, reducing blind spots, and allowing early detection of any unusual activities.

Accessibility Consideration: Placing the Ring doorbell high on a post or pillar does pose an accessibility challenge, as visitors might not be able to physically press the doorbell. However, this is where the device’s motion detection feature shines. Even if the doorbell button isn’t within reach, the motion detection can still alert you to visitors’ presence, ensuring you never miss a delivery person’s wave or a friend’s hello.

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Tucked Within the Overhang or Tree-Mount

For those who value discretion, placing the Ring doorbell discreetly within an overhang or mounting it on a tree near your front porch can be effective alternatives. These placements can help the device blend seamlessly with the surroundings, making it less noticeable to visitors or potential intruders while still maintaining a clear line of sight.

Natural Aesthetics & Security: Integrating your Ring doorbell with natural elements not only preserves your home’s aesthetic but also adds an element of surprise. Intruders might be caught off guard, not expecting a doorbell to be nestled among the leaves or subtly tucked away under the roof.

Experimenting & Testing: Finding the Sweet Spot

The essence of finding the perfect placement is to experiment and test. Utilize the live view feature of your Ring doorbell to evaluate the effectiveness of different locations. Consider your unique environment, security needs, and aesthetic preferences, and don’t be afraid to get creative. After all, your Ring doorbell is not just a security device; it’s an extension of your home.

Mounting Considerations – Getting the Details Right

So, you’ve chosen the perfect spot for your Ring doorbell, whether it’s greeting guests at the front door, keeping an eye from the side, or nestling high up for a bird’s eye view. But before you start drilling holes or peeling adhesive, there are a few technicalities to iron out to ensure a smooth installation and optimal functionality.

Powering Up: Ensuring Energy Access

One of the first things to consider when mounting your Ring doorbell is how it will be powered. Whether you have a battery-operated model or one that’s hardwired, ensuring that your doorbell has a reliable power source is essential. For those with hardwired models, this might mean installing close to an existing power outlet or getting a little handy with the wiring.

Tip: If you’re not an electrician by trade, it might be a good idea to call in the pros for this step. A professional can ensure that your Ring doorbell is installed safely and securely, with no risk of electrical issues down the line.

Connectivity: Staying in the Loop

Next on the agenda is ensuring your Ring doorbell stays connected. A stable WiFi connection is the lifeline of your Ring doorbell, ensuring that you receive timely notifications and that the live view feature works seamlessly. Place your doorbell within a good range of your WiFi router, and consider investing in a WiFi extender if needed, especially for doorbells placed at the far ends of your home.

Practical Pointer: Conduct a WiFi signal strength test at your chosen location before mounting. This simple step can save you a lot of hassle, ensuring that your Ring doorbell remains an effective sentry, rather than a disconnected ornament.

Troubleshooting & Adjusting: Perfecting the Setup

Once your Ring doorbell is up and running, it’s wise to stay vigilant for any issues and be ready to make adjustments as needed. Familiarize yourself with the Ring app, explore the settings, and customize them to your preference. Adjust the motion sensitivity, check the video quality, and ensure that your notifications are set up just the way you like them.

Final Thought: Your Ring doorbell is a dynamic device – it’s adaptable and adjustable. Don’t be afraid to tinker with the settings and experiment with placement even after installation. After all, a well-tuned Ring doorbell is your front line in home security and a welcoming beacon for friends and family.


There’s no universal answer to the perfect Ring doorbell placement. It’s about experimenting, adjusting, and finding what aligns with your home and your needs. And if you’re still on the fence about getting one, why wait? Secure your home with a Ring doorbell today and join the community of users discovering the joys of balanced security and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a Ring Doorbell be placed?

Ring recommends installing the doorbell at approximately 48 inches (about 1.2 meters) off the ground for optimal facial recognition and effective motion detection. However, a higher placement is valid if your security needs demand it. Just be aware that while it achieves a broader view, it could reduce the clarity of facial images. Balancing your unique needs with the device’s functionality is key to finding the ideal height.

Where is the best place to install a Ring Doorbell?

The best location for your Ring Doorbell depends on your individual needs and home layout. Common options include directly on the front door for clear facial recognition or on the side for a wider field of view. Testing different spots and assessing your security needs will help determine the optimal placement.

Can I use a Ring Doorbell in an apartment?

Absolutely, a Ring Doorbell can be a valuable addition to enhance security in an apartment setting. There are several factors to consider given the constraints and requirements of apartment living. For a comprehensive review of the best options, check out our picks for the best video doorbells for apartments.


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